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Welcome to the November 2020 industrial update where we show the latest industrial products along with updates for existing industrial products. The ESD products, static protection equipment has seen the most updates this month with several new brochures and information specifically for the electronics industries. Other new pages are the Rubber/Plastic/GRP ramps designed for vehicular and handling access. Another new range under our popular Barriers category are the foam edging and extrusions that help protect staff and equipment from damage. Finally, our colleagues have been very busy adding a whole host of new industrial products to our online store here.

  1. Industrial Drain Blockers
    Drain and Flood protection devices that include pneumatic bags and automated flaps that can be controlled manually and wirelessly. Preventing illegal run-offs in time of spillages and fire, where large amounts of water are fed into the drainage system can these drain blockers cannot only save the environment but prevent huge fines.


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  2. Plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps
    Merlin supplies a range of industrial plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps that are suitable for vehicles or handling equipment such as sack trucks and trolleys. Lightweight and strong they can easily be carried inside cars and delivery vans making them an ideal addition to any company or person needing to circumnavigate kerbs.

    GRP kerb ramp

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  3. Foam Protective Barriers
    Foam protective barriers offer an impact protection system to protect staff from corners and hard surfaces as well as protecting delicate equipment from damage by handling equipment. The edging is easily cut to size and applied and offers a lasting and highly visible protective barrier.

    head impact protection

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  4. ESD containers For The Electronic Industry
    ESD containers For The Electronic Industry that include shelf Bins ESD For The Electronic Industry along with a range of small parts containers that can be static or mobile. We also supply specialist trolleys and pallets to work with the ESD storage containers.

    treston small parts storage 600px

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  5. Importance of ESD Protection
    Invisible damage to systems on a chip, (SoC’s) and various Electro Sensitive Devices(ESD’s) in today’s world, electronic components are handled in many working environments. It is therefore vital to ensure ESD protection, as this usually saves money and has a positive effect on product quality and longevity.

    esd protection and why its important

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  6. Security Mesh Cages Mobile & Static
    Security mesh cages are available as mobile or static versions. Manufactured and formed using the famous Eclipse chrome wired mesh that allows for easy visibility, impressive security as well as providing attractive storage. The mesh cages are currently used in evidence lockers, linen, towel storage in hotels, sports centres, schools and in the health industry. Normal delivery times are just 5 working days.

    wire chrome security cages mobile and static

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  7. Industrial ESD Workbench – TP ESD series
    The industrial TP ESD workbench has been around for many years due to its simplicity and enormous amount of accessories that allow the bench to grow and adapt to ever changing production and assembly requirements. The Treston TP bench is also height adjustable and available in a wide range of sizes that can be bolted together.

    TP workbench with accessories

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  8. Online Shop
    Online shop with the main sections from our industrial store for products that feature on this site and offer companies and individuals a method of purchasing industrial products with various discounted prices. All our products are suitable for industrial use though we have supplied them to individuals looking for long-lasting and quality supplies.

    Danger deep water

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  9. Beam Seating for Waiting Areas
    Beam seating is a designed to offer 2 to 5 places on a bar with a leg at either end.  The places can be chairs or tables and the beam seating ranges are primarily designed for Reception areas, waiting areas such as the Airports and Doctors and offer cleaning staff an easy way to access underneath with vacuum cleaners and industrial floor cleaners.

    Voyage beam seating

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  10. Winchester Bottle Carriers
    Designed for the safe packaging and transportation of the Winchester bottles. These steel robust packaging containers have a built-in partition designed to take any leaks from the Winchester bottles whilst in transit. Specialized bottle containers for medical and research establishments designed for ease of transport and security, castors available on the larger models to help in manual handling..

    WBC80T mobile winchester bottle carrier


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November 2020 Industrial Update

Welcome to October and as my mother used to say White Rabbits three times before midday would bring you luck! If you missed it do not worry as I gather it does not matter which month it is.

With 15 million unemployed across Europe due the Covid-19 and its effects, industries are under pressure to try and get their staff safely back to work and with the furlough scheme due to finish this month along with Brexit it’s going to be a feature packed 32 days.

On a less important note Merlin have added the 10-year guaranteed handles to the Online shop. Click on the picture to see the prices.

antibacterial door furniture

New for the shop and also Covid-19 related are the touchpads, an ingenious method of dispelling virus killing gel only when you touch the door.

These do need recharging once depleted though prices are affordable, and they should also be available from the shop soon or call 01752 690622 and ask for Georgina who has trialled the pads and knows everything.

Have you “Bin” outside?

Bubble bin at work in Europe 800

Popular in Europe, especially Germany the Bubble Bin is now available within the UK with 360 and 600 litres capacity.

Two notable additions for October are the Oil Windows and Machine mounts.
push fit oil level windows The Oil windows offer Swiss optics with a very wide range of sizes and fitments and the page can be reached by clicking on the picture above.

Machine Feet and Anti-vibration mounts

These anti-vibration machine mounts have been used by our sister company Meddings, for nearly 50 years to prevent vibration and also offer a levelling method for a wide range of machine tools. We can now offer this direct to companies and manufacturers in the UK and some popular mounts are shown below.

anti-vibration mounts

That wraps up the news for the beginning of October 2020, and we hope that everyone stays safe and finds some solace in the days to come.

White Rabbits x3

‘Cloakrooms should not form part of or be open to circulation spaces… Lockers made from materials of limited combustibility should be provided’ 

(Building Bulleting 100: Design for fire safety in schools)

School Lockers

This advice from The Department of Education applies to all new school builds.
Older buildings and those with growing pressure on space can’t always accommodate separate cloakrooms.

So what can schools do to minimise their risk?

If cloakrooms can’t be moved from corridors a school will need to install
lockers to store clothing and personal items, to prevent this fire risk.

Lockers help protect combustible materials which slow the progress of a fire.

They have added the benefit of discouraging vandalism and arson, which are responsible for around half of all school-time fires.

Express Steel Lockers

You can now get our most popular lockers delivered in 5 working days

which ties in perfectly for the fast-approaching end of the school year.

For more information on lockers please visit our main website