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Jack Sheppard Security Door

You’re either excited by security doors or not. This one is very secure and it does not cost much. In fact my PVC door for the house cost much more and that’s not that special and I need to replace it soon.

This security door has a leaf structure of 2 x 1mm thick pre-lacquered, cold rolled steel sheets – I am starting to warm up to these doors now! They are 50mm (2″) thick, have a 15mm anti-jemmy not Aunty Jenny lip to all edges. The insides of this door are filled with fibreglass cotton offering both thermal and acoustic resistance so you will not even hear the police trying to knock down the door.

14 point locking system with drill and impact proof locking mechanism and 2 x aunty jenny hinge bolts – sorry Anti-Jemmy.

This door has lots of other stuff and is 2070mm high (6ft 9 1/2″) with expandable frame width from 880mm (2’10 1/2″) to 950mm ( 3′ 1 1/2″).

Priced at £ 269.00 + VAT ( £ 316.07)

Call 0845 124 9955 and ask for Aunty Jenny or Dale or George or Bob or Julie etc

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