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MARGOT is the product of a talented Studio Design and is a range exclusive to Signature.
Designed to answer the needs of new and emerging work modes, MARGOT draws its inspiration from the distinctively French “art de vivre”.

MARGOT-Brochure_web Orange high seat with writing tablet

Striking a harmonious balance between the soft plush seats and elegantly styled legs, MARGOT epitomises comfort and refinement.

MARGOT also stands out on account of its extensive range of singular products that have been specially designed for use in reception areas, concentration and informal meeting spaces. Made in France.


Camira Product Changes January 2020

Camira are one of Europe’s most popular fabric manufacturers, producing fabrics for seating, screens and a whole host of upholstered furnishings, and we have the latest news on the changes coming in 2020.

Camira 2020 changes

From Camira

Important Information: Product Changes

January 2020


As we look forward to extending our product range next year, we are pleased to be able to give you an early warning of some key changes that will take place in 2020. By informing you at this stage, we hope that this helps you plan ahead with relevant stakeholders.


To enable us to provide you with the best possible products and services, we are continually working with our Design and Innovation teams to develop forward-thinking fabrics to suit a range of markets and environments. This year has seen the launch of Zap and Armadillo from the Camira | Jens Risom collaboration, our latest acoustic textiles Sonus and Sonus Etch, the introduction of an expanded Vita colour palette, and – most recently – the beautifully textured British wool fabric, Yoredale; all of which are available to order now.


<span “=””>  To allow the successful introduction of these new products within a competitive marketplace, it has been necessary to take some product portfolio decisions to manage our range efficiently and make way for the strong programme of new product introductions, planned for the next few years.


We trust you appreciate that the aim of this process is to keep you informed about how we are moving forward as a company whilst ensuring our fabrics meet your needs. 

Download the Camira 2020 changes Camira-Update-2020-UK-and-Europe_webPDF

Flammable Liquids storage vaults

Flammable Chemical Storage Vaults are a robust and secure storage box useful for tools and chemicals required on site. The base is suitable for collecting spills from Agricultural chemicals and flammable liquids.  The gas strut assisted flap helps assist opening as the 2.5 mm thick steel used in the construction of the vault is very heavy.

steel red storage vaults 600

Product Information

Storage Vaults

  • Adjustable vent meets the requirements of both Flammable Storage (vent closed) and Agrochemicals (vent open)
  • All welded units conforming to the A.P.E.A. Construction requirements
  • These vaults provide a half hour protection from collapse and the passage of fire
  • Multi-lockable for high security, and fitted with a lift up action lid assisted by gas struts
  • Middle shelves pivot on models SSV01Z and SSV02Z to enable larger items to be stored on the base level
  • Model SSV02Z: Clearance height between the bottom and top shelf is 363 mm. Clearance height
  • between top shelf and lid is 255 mm
  • Model SSV03Z has a central partition and four shelves – the two middle shelves fold away and the two top shelves are made in 3 sections, the back section is fixed in position and the front two sections removable
  • All models have a liquid-tight base to contain spillage
  • Please not: A Fork Lift will be needed to unload all these vaults

SSV01Z storage vaults

  • Designed to comply with the Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate and the Factory Inspection Guide HSG51.
  • For extra protection and fork lifting the units have skids on the base.
  • SAFETY NOTE: Before storage of herbicides and petroleum based products takes place the advice of the following should be sought for specific guidance.· Health & Safety Inspector· Trading Standards Officers· Environmental Health Officers· Fire Officer
SSV01Z Weight kg: 180
No of Shelves: 2
Shelf Size mm: Top: 690 x 400 fixed. Middle: 690 x 400 pivots
Size W x D x H mm: 700 x 850 x 1270
Sump Capacity L: 120
SSV02Z Weight kg: 260
No of Shelves: 2
Shelf Size mm: Top: 1360 x 400 fixed. Middle: 1360 x 400 pivots
Size W x D x H mm: 1370 x 850 x 1270
Sump Capacity L: 250
SSV03Z Weight kg: 460
No of Shelves: 4
Shelf Size mm: 1220 x 500
Size W x D x H mm: 2500 x 1080 x 1270
Sump Capacity L: 550

Fast, Fast Food Furniture

Fast food furniture, or canteen units are normally 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, so for customers needing a quicker solution that does not mean a bland plastic seated model then we have various ranges available in just two weeks and in a wise range of options as shown below.

Harvey Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS90-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS90-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS90-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS90-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS90-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Seats available in Black, Blue, Red and Green

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Elwood Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS91-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS91-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS91-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS91-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS91-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Seats available in Beech

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Chester Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS92-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS92-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS92-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS92-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS92-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Seats available in Grey, Blue, Purple, Red and Green

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Barrett Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS93-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS93-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS93-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS93-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS93-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Seats available in Dark Blue, Red, Green, Silver and Black

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Oscar Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS94-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS94-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS94-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS94-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS94-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Seats available in Green, Grey, Purple, Red and Blue

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Felix Fast Food Units


Models available as 2 seater facing, 4 seater 1 or 2 way access and 6 seater 1 or 2 way access

  • FFS95-2SF (2 Seater Facing)
  • FFS95-4S1 (4 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS95-4S2 (4 seater 2 way access)
  • FFS95-6S1 (6 seater 1 way access)
  • FFS95-6S2 (6 seater 2 way access)

Similar to the Oscar unit but with buttons in the back panels

Seats available in Green, Grey, Purple, Red and Blue

Table top finishes White, Beech and Grey

Frames Black


Please let Merlin Industrial know the product code and quantity you require for the most competitive price.

Three Day delivery of Steel Tipping Skips

Please find two models of UK manufactured steel tipping skips that are currently on a 3 day lead time whilst stocks last!

  • Standard Tipping Motion
    These skips are designed for forklift truck emptying. Perfect for general industrial applications and handling industries.
  • High Quality
    Manufactured in the UK, these premium quality skips feature the highest in industry standards and are designed with a robust, hardwearing construction capable of withstanding the harshest use conditions.

Self-Tipping Eco-Skip

Self-Tipping Eco-Skip

The Eco-Skip offers an economical alternative for lighter-duty waste and materials. Investing in heavy-duty skips for lightweight waste isn’t good business sense for any customer. The Eco-Skip is manufactured to a lighter specification but without compromising quality. Eco-Skips include a standard tipping motion, are robust, hard wearing and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Please note: The Eco-Skips are not oil tight tested, please see One Way Entry or Three Way Entry skips for this option.  

  • Self locking return mechanism
  • Strong steel construction
  • No forklift modifications required for lifting
  • Manual operation with tipping release from either side
  • Optional heavy-duty castors enable transport without forklift
  • Yellow as standard, other colours available on request

Self-Tipping Skip – One Way Entry

Self-Tipping Skip – One Way Entry

Durable, low-maintenance heavy duty skips

Our Self-Tipping skips are suitable for heavy industrial use in factories, warehouses and building sites. The skips are designed for forklift truck emptying and will handle almost any kind of material.
Amington’s 1-Way Entry Self Tipping Skips are emptied by lifting from the rear and are designed for long and hard service. These are robust, quality skips at an exceptional price.
Available in Blue as standard, with other colours available pending consultation.

  • Self locking return mechanism
  • Strong steel construction
  • Manual operation, lever at back tips skip
  • No forklift modifications required for lifting
  • Heavy-duty castors enable transport without forklift (025/050 models)
  • Blue as standard, other colours available on request

For more information along with some exciting prices contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd at sales@mipl.uk

Industrial Flooring Mats and Equipment

Industrial Flooring Mats and Equipment includes ramps, temporary bridges, ground support grids for strengthening areas where erosion and slippage are possible and mats for all areas inside and outside of a building.

Access Ramps

Access ramps offer disabled ingress into building built before the disability regulations. We have a selection of ramps listed below and all taken from our online shop. Manufactured from lightweight materials such as fibreglass and aluminium these ramps can be transported with the wheelchair or delivery person.

threshold access ramp for wheelchairs

ESD Anti-Static Matting

ESD or Anti-static matting and flooring is designed to gradually dissipate static electricity away from the site at a controlled rate preventing damage to SSD (Static Sensitive Devices). ESD matting can also provide anti-fatigue properties perfect for staff that are standing for long periods of time. As well as the flooring we also have ESD Worktop mats.

esd kumfi pebble mats

Anti Slip Products and Accessories

Anti slip or Non slip products provide a safer environment where any risk of slipping is possible. The vast range of Products include anti slip walkways, marine anti slip, glow in the dark tapes, bolt down plates for decking and stairs and a wide range of accessories.


Ground Stabilisation Systems

Ground Stabilisation Systems provide a system of mats that interlock and traps the loose ground surface within honeycomb or grid that stops erosion and stabilises the surfaces so that foot and vehicle access areas can be permanently reinforced. We have five different stabilisation systems depending on your requirements.

elite grass grid

Anti-Fatigue Cushion Flooring

Anti-Fatigue cushion Flooring will help prevent tiredness when standing on hard concrete floors for long periods of time. Hard floors are one of the most common causes of physical fatigue. We have a perse range of anti-fatigue matting suitable for a variety of environments such as production and chemical resistant for oils etc.

Fatigue From Standing

High Level Aluminium Ramp

Non-slip chequer plate aluminium ramp designed for sack trucks, trolleys and wheelchairs where access is restricted such as older buildings without ramps.
High Level Aluminium Ramp

Catering Flooring

Catering Flooring and matting is specifically designed for the hazards and hygiene around the kitchens, bars and associated areas. Merlin can offer anti-slip, anti-fatigue and anti-bacterial mats that are easily cleaned and easily lifted when required.  For the latest information contact Merlin on 01752 690622 or visit the online shop below.

Catering mats for the UK

Industrial Flooring

A wide range of industrial flooring suitable for areas where slip hazards such as oils and greases are present also anti-fatigue matting for operators standing for long periods of time at machine tools or equipment. Industrial flooring is also available in duckboards, ideal for areas with running liquids such as machine coolant or upper decks on ships and boats.

Orthomat Anti-Fatigue

Contamination Tack Mats

Tack contamination mats control any loose debris brought through an area via footwear or wheels and simply offer a tacky or sticky surface that grabs any contaminants / dust / particles before they get into a controlled area such as a cleanroom or laboratory.

sticky white mats for contamination

Leisure Flooring and Matting

Leisure Flooring and Matting using duckboard style mats can be used to reduce slip hazards around swimming pools and other wet areas, especially important in public facilities where old or very young persons may be at risk. Rubber matting in gymnasiums provide shock absorption to protect floors and equipment, as well as improving noise reduction and comfort.

leisure flooring

Dynamat Stable Flooring

Dynamat Stable Flooring offers a heavy duty premium quality loose-lay mat for floor protection and shock absorption in demanding application such as gymnasiums, stables, cow sheds etc. The broad ridge underside allows for water and liquids to drain easliy along with an anti-slip top surface for comfort and safety.

dynamat stable matting

Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges

Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges that provide a solution to requirements within the construction, groundwork, and the event sectors. The handrails can be folded to assist in transportation and  quick assembly. Suitable for areas that are under seasonal flooding and to provide safer access for pedestrians.

aluminium footbridge

Entrance Matting

Entrance Matting help prevent dirt. It is a recognised fact that 70 to 80% of interior soiling enters buildings via foot traffic. Good entrance matting systems can dramatically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door – in fact one square metre of matting can hold up to half a litre of excess moisture or remove half a kilo of dirt in a week, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards.

entrance mats merlin