Bollards, is it impolite?

Merlin Industrial now have a new wider range of bollards for your street, warehouse or, as they are fully weatherproof anywhere you like.

cast iron bollardsThanks to WikiPedia

From the 17th and 18th centuries, old cannon were often used as bollards on quaysides to help moor ships alongside. The cannon would be buried in the ground muzzle-first to approximately half or two-thirds of their length, leaving the breech (rear end) projecting above ground for attaching ropes. Such cannon can still occasionally be found. Bollards from the 19th century were purpose-made, but often inherited a very similar “cannon” shape.

Wooden posts were used for basic traffic management from at least the beginning of the 18th century. An early well-documented case is that of the “two oak-posts” set up next to the medieval Eleanor cross at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, in 1721, at the expense of the Society of Antiquaries of London, “to secure Waltham Cross from injury by Carriages”.[5] Similar posts can be seen in many historic paintings and engravings.

In the Netherlands, the Amsterdammertjes of Amsterdam were first erected in the 19th century. They became popular symbols of the city, but they are now gradually being removed and replaced with elevated sidewalks.

We now have bollards in Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood / Timber and cast Iron

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drop-down bollards

Plastic Coat Hooks

Metal coat hooks bend and break leaving sharp edges that can be dangerous especially with children around.Plastic coat hooksThe plastic coat hook offers many more advantages over the steel and aluminium coat hooks and newer models can be supplied that are anti-bacterial to prevent the spread of germs around a cloakroom.

As well as the individual hooks we can also supply on a white laminated bar for easy installation.

Plastic coat hooks on a rail

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Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish and Rubble chutes in three different sizes and a myriad of colours to offer a safe and attractive way of getting various items from the top of a building to the bottom where a skip can be sited for easy collection and disposal.

20 Inch – 500 mm Rubbish Chute System

20 inch red rubbish chuteWhen erected this assembly becomes a flexible unit providing a versatile chute system. This system is ideal in situations where a rigid system is impractical. A welded galvanised bracket and chain assembly is supplied as a single unit so chains cannot be lost.

Each chute and side entry section is supplied with a bracket and chain assembly. This system can be provided with a variety of accessories for quick and simple fixing in any situation i.e.from windows,scaffolding or flat roofs.

The taper allows for easy stacking for reducing transport and storage costs.

rubbish chutes nested for transport

20” RUBBISH CHUTE Specification
Dimensions : 1100 mm x 500 mm (top)
1100 mm x 400 mm (base)
Weight : 8.5 Kg
Plastic : Red High Density Polyethylene 5 mm thick (max)
Bracket & Chain x 2 : 90 mm x 60 mm x 5 mm Bracket
c/w 21 links each 60 mm 28 mm x 8 mm
Proof tested to 960 Kg.
Washer x 8 : Zinc coated 38 mm x 10 mm x 1.5 mm
Nut x 8 : Nylon Insert Steel M8, 13 mm x 5 mm
Bolt x 8 : Zinc coated M8 x 25 mm

22 Inch – 560 mm Rubbish Chute System

22 Inch diameter rubbish chute

When erected this assembly becomes a semi-rigid unit providing strength and rigidity minimising damage and dust.

The system is ideal in situations where a versatile system is impractical. A slight taper and increased diameter creates a more durable and essentially dust free system.

Each chute and side entry section is supplied with a wire rope and snap hook assembly which allows for quick and easy connections to scaffolding without the need for additional accessories or frames.

30 Inch 760 mm Rubbish Chute System

Rubbish Chutes

This system is suitable for larger debris which would block narrower chutes.The larger diameter semi rigid chute makes the removal of bulky materials easier as it provides over double the area of standard 20 inch rota chute.

Each chute and side entry section is supplied with a wire rope and snap hook assembly which allows for quick and easy connections to scaffolding without the need for additional accessories or frames. All our designs are available with top hoppers and side entry hoppers suitable for multi level entry use. All chutes for transport and storage are stackable to their design. Universal scaffold frames suitable for all designs are also available.

30” RUBBISH CHUTE Specification
Dimensions : 1225 mm x 770 mm (top)
1225 mm x 670 mm (base)
Weight : 12 kg
Plastic : Black Polythene 2440 mm x 1220 mm x 7 mm c/w
38 mm tapers.
Wire Rope x 2 : 900 mm x 5 mm c/w 5 mm Eyelet at each end.
Proof tester to 960 Kg.
Carbine Hook : 80 mm x 8 mm Zinc Coated
Proof tested to 960 Kg
Washer x 8 : Zinc Coated 30 mm x 10 mm x 1.5 mm
Nut x 8 : Zinc Coated M8, 13 mm x 5 mm
U-Bolt x 2 : Zinc Coated M8 x 25 mm


By manufacturing in the UK for quantity we are able to supply rubbish chutes in most colours

Industrial Electric Blankets

Industrial electric blankets are used in many industries, industrial heating blankets are perfect for ground thawing, curing of materials like composite, repairing of wind rotor blades, and production in both the marine and the aerospace industry.

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Mundi is St George’s Day

Mundi is also the new range of Executive office furniture available with Wood veneer tops in Ebony (Shown above) Walnut and Olive Tree.
Glass tops are also available in Enamelled light grey and glossy black as well as clear frosted and a clear smoked grey finish

mundi executive deskMore information here;

The following pages have also been added and updated this week.

New pages and updated information for this week.

Cardboard recycling boxes and containers that are delivered flat packed for easy storage and can be used on or beside the desk in offices, dispatch departments or canteens for the safe and easy recycling of recyclable waste. The cardboard used in manufacturing the containers has a minimum recycled content…
We offer a wide range of solutions for the storage of plans and drawings. The planchests and drawing cabinets are functional, eye catching and cost effective. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them and we also have brochures available on request.
Floor standing and desk mounted Flair fabric covered office screens and panels.  Flair Fabric will enhance office environments, whether used for floor standing or desk mounted screens.
Glass Reinforced Concrete Bins overall designs date back to the sixties when the Beatles were Top of the Pops and are even more popular today than they were back then. Immune to much more damage than the modern plastic bins they are enjoying a resurgence with people looking for concrete bins.
Modern office recycling bins for general, confidential, food, plastic, metals and liquids waste. Attractive bins in various sizes designed for small and large offices that can be used alone or as a group.
Forklift attachment for handling steel and some plastic drums.  Easily fitted to most forklifts this attachment enables full rotation and locking in any position and is ideal for emptying the contents or changing drums from vertical to horizontal position.